Michael A. Fenemore

Near-Death Experiences
Surely, nothing can be of greater importance than knowing the meaning of life and understanding the nature of the afterlife. Both are revealed in the testimonies of numerous people who have experienced clinical death followed by resuscitation. They typically report visiting an amazing “spiritual” dimension where they are met by the Creator and other supernatural beings who shower them with indescribable unconditional love. Warning: The implications for the world’s major religions are catastrophic. Click the link above to learn much more.

Bible Fraud
After decades of study, I have concluded the “Holy” Bible is a hopelessly unreliable fraud clearly rooted in ancient sun worship. I have exposed many of the Bible’s inadequacies in several brief articles.

Countless experts agree, the official version of the attacks which took place on September 11, 2001 in NYC, DC and Shanksville, PA is seriously inconsistent with the facts.

Music Tracks
Here are a couple of short experimental music tracks I recorded in my humble home studio. I’m planning to record more as soon as I find some spare time!